Reyn Spooner vs. Tommy Bahama

Reyn Spooner vs. Tommy Bahama

Being a long time fan of Tommy Bahama shirts, I recently discovered Reyn Spooner who also has a great selection of Hawaiian print shirts. I like the Tommy Bahama shirts because they are lightweight and really comfortable. The shirts are made well and last a long time.

The Reyn Spooner shirt feel thicker but somehow is cool to the touch when wearing. This is perfect for me since I live in Miami where it's hot and humid. I also like that it is a shirt that can be dressed up for going out or dressed down on the weekends.

Both brands are great and I'm excited to add some new styles to my wardrobe from Reyn Spooner.


Reyn Spooner

  • Really nice pattern 
  • Tuck in hem, makes it a more professional shirt, can be dressed up or dressed down
  • The material is thick but not hot, perfect for Hawaii weather. It would do well with temperature control
  • Very clean cut and firm lasting shape

Tommy Bahama

  • Thin lightweight silk, not too heavy
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Long lasting quality due to the material
  • Not meant to be tucked in because of the squared bottom
  • Very casual, meant for vacation or relaxing

Tommy Bahama Original Fit Cascara Fronds Camp Shirt