Blank NYC vs. Genetic Los Angeles

Blank NYC vs. Genetic Los Angeles

 Blank NYC

  • New York Fashion Style
  • Great price for the quality.
  • They don't feel like paper, most denim leggings are too scratchy and rough. They feel more like an actual pair of jeans just with a little more stretch.
  • Reviews across the web show them as running a little small, but they actually fit like a true fit.
  • They hug in all the right places, but give enough room to breathe and are super comfortable.

Genetic Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles Fashion Style
  • These jeans are actually made in the USA which is always great.
  • They have a little poly in them, so have some stretch and are eco-friendly, too, since they are made from Tencel.
  • They washed well; they did not shrink which is always a plus.
  • Blank definitely fit the hour glass shape a little better, but all in all the Genetic jeans were comfortable.

Blank NYC Skinny Jean