Alloy Apparel vs. Long Tall Sally

Alloy Apparel vs. Long Tall Sally

Having a 35" inseam has always been a struggle for me. I have a tough time finding jeans that are long enough but also have a flattering fit. I was super excited when I discovered Alloy Apparel and Long Tall Sally because of their extended inseams. 

I recently ordered the London Wax Coat Jeans from Alloy and the Sparkle Skinny Jeans from Long Tall Sally. I really love the fit of the Alloy jeans. They are slimming and hug in all the right places! Long Tall Sally has a huge variety of tall girl clothes to choose from. The Sparkle Skinny Jeans were one of the top rated items, however they did not fit as expected.

I'm a true 25 in women's jeans but Long Tall Sally's smallest size converts to a 26-27. Overall the quality was excellent, they felt very expensive, and the length was perfect as well. I'm disappointed it did not workout for me because they are the perfect party pant! 

Overall, I'm really happy about the price point on Alloy Jeans and the variety of clothes on Long Tall Sally. I can definitely say both brands are a long legged girl's lifesaver!

Alloy Apparel London Wax Coated Jeans